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Terri Drake

Terry Drake - eyeCatchLight Photography - 004.jpg

Terri Drake is a graduate of the Iowa Writers' Workshop.  Her chapbook, "Regarding Us" is now available from Finishing Line Press. Her poetry collection, "At the Seams" was published by Bear Star Press. Her poems have appeared in The Chicago Quarterly Review; Crab Creek Review; Poets Reading the News; Heavy Feather Review; Quarry West; Perihelion; Heartwood Literary Magazine; and Open: Journal of Arts and Letters, among others.  She is a practicing psychoanalyst living in Santa Cruz, California.


Terri has been writing poetry since the age of 8.  She has never forgiven her fourth grade teaching for ruining her poem by changing the line “but not before long” to “ere long.” As the daughter of a college professor and later a military officer, she had an itinerant childhood – living in Idaho, Michigan, Utah, Texas, the Philippines and Florida.  


After leaving Iowa, and never wanting to feel that cold ever again, she planted her feet in California and hasn’t budged. A lover of dogs, she has volunteered for rescue agencies and other dog related organizations. Even though chihuahuas are not her favorite breed, she lives with her neurotic rescue chihuahua, Sophia, who couldn’t be more perfect.


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